Aussie cricketers and brothers Mitch Marsh (left) and Shaun Marsh (right). 

Aussie cricketers and brothers Mitch Marsh (left) and Shaun Marsh (right). 

Even if you’re not a cricket die hard, these past couple of years you're likely to have heard the Marsh surname mentioned around the Aussie team quite a bit.

No, we’re not talking about former wicketkeeper and current Chairman of the Men’s National Selection Panel Rod Marsh. We’re also not talking about Geoff Marsh, who played more than 150 matches for Australia in the 1980s-early 90s before going on to coach the national side (side note: Geoff and Rod, not related!). We’re talking about the current generation: Brothers Shaun and Mitch Marsh.

Love you brother!!

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These proud Western Australians born lads have been regular faces in the Aussie line up in recent years…and both feature on the list of the Perth Scorchers…and kiiiiinda look alike…and frequently appear in each other’s social media feeds….leading to the (slightly inappropriate) question in The Delivery HQ this week of, which one is which?

Great to catch up the big bro for lunch as always! @shaunmarsh9

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These two DO seem extremely close both on and off the field, so we’ve decided to give ourselves a hall pass here and get down to researching how to avoid potential embarrassment in the future by mixing up our two Marsh-fellows…and potentially pick up a trivia tidbit or two along the way.

I honestly can't believe people think @shaunmarsh9 is better looking than me.

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So here it is, plain and simple: The Delivery’s Guide to Marsh v Marsh

Full Name: Shaun Edward Marsh
Nickname: SOS

(“Son of Swampy”…geddit? Marsh…swamp…)
Age: 32 (aka big brother)
Height: 186cm (aka short brother)
Playing role: Batter
Off-the-field: Married Channel Seven Perth journalist Rebecca O’Donovan in 2015, and expecting their first child later this year
Australian Debut: 2008
Total Matches for Australia..
Test: 17
ODI: 50
T20: 15
Big Bash team: Perth Scorchers
Career highlight: Century on Test debut against Sri Lanka in 2011
Fun fact: As a young kid, Shaun spent plenty of time on the road with his dad Geoff, who was the opening batsman at the time for Australia
When in doubt…Left-handed
Want more? Insta & Twitter: @shaunmarsh9

Full Name: Mitchell Ross Marsh
NicknameBison (yeeeahhh…we don’t know why)
Age: 24 (aka younger brother)
Height: 193cm (aka tall brother)
Playing role: All-rounder
Off-the-field: Dating fashion model Isabelle Platt
Australian Debut: 2011
Total Matches for Australia
Test: 14
ODI: 30
T20: 4
Big Bash team: Perth Scorchers
Career highlight: Five wickets in Australia’s opening match of the 2015 ICC World Cup, against the old enemy, England
Fun fact: Mitch was also a talented AFL player, before the appeal of following in the footsteps of idol Steve Waugh grew too strong. 
When in doubtRight-handed
Want more? Insta & Twitter: @mitchmarsh235