Cricket Doppelgängers

Although many of us are yet to find our lookalike in this world, it appears that many of our Aussie cricketers actually look like some famous Hollywood heavyweights. From famous TV actors, to music superstars, here's the best celebrity cricket doppelgängers.  Enjoy! 

Actor Val Kilmer & Cricketer David Warner
When it comes to media headlines these guys have shared a few between them over the course of their careers. Hollywood actor Val Kilmer, who you may remember from movies such as Batman, Top Gun and The Saint, draws an unlikely resemblance to cricketer David Warner. We're not sure if Warner has any hidden acting skills tucked away but he sure has the 'rugged, bad boy, stare down the barrel of the camera' look nailed.  

Actor Jared Leto & Cricketer Glenn Maxwell
It's all in the beard, and the eyes, and the nose, and the.... everything? You could seriously be mistaken for thinking these guys are brothers from another mother. Actor Jared Leto, who also dabbles in the singing department looks like Glenn Maxwell's twin. Hands up if you think Maxi should regrow the beard and start an acting career. 

Actor Clive Standen & Cricketer Kane Richardson
If you're a fan of Netflix TV show Vikings, you'll definitely recognise actor Clive Standen . The rugged English-born lad plays Rollo in the hit TV show and bears a strong resemblance to Australia cricketer Kane Richardson. Just like the cricketer, Standen's character in Vikings has a number of symbolic tattoos on his upper body. Both also play the rugged bear card very well...or is it the hipster beard card? 

Actor Robert Redford & Cricketer James Faulkner
Hollywood royalty = Robert Redford. The film heart throb of the 60's and 70's made women around the world fall in the love with his sparkly blues. It also seems that cricketer James Faulkner bears some of his trademark looks, it's all in the jaw line.  

Singer/Producer Usher & Cricketer Usman Khawaja
Singer Usher and cricketer Usman Khawaja could pass as twins, it's all in the 1000 watt smile! Both also have a penchant for fashion, with Usman regularly snapping photos of his fashion choices to his Instagram account. 

Actor Nikolaj Coster- Waldau & Cricketer Shane Watson
Game of Thrones fans, meet your Jaime Lannister lookalike, cricketer Shane Watson. The Aussie veteran looks very similar to the actor Nikolaj Coster - Waldau, with a royal like haircut to match. Like Nikolaj, there were rumours that Watto was to make his acting debut... in a Bollywood film. However we are yet to see any evidence. 

Actor Steve Carell & Cricketer Pat Cummins
Some say we might be clutching at straws for this look alike but take a look at that smile, practically identical. Pat Cummins has described his sense of humour as 'pretty dry', which would make him perfect in Steve Carrels hit TV show The Office. 

DJ/Producer David Guetta & Nathan Lyon
Meet cricketer Nathan Lyon's celebrity lookalike David Guetta. The DJ/Producer and Lyon share some similar facial features, the eyes, the nose and even the beard. We're not sure if Lyon can master the decks as well as Guetta, but he sure is handy with a cricket ball.