From Valentines Day, to touring the beautiful country of New Zealand. Our Australian cricket players shave certainly been busy over the past few weeks, on and off the field. So to get you up to date we've rounded up some of our favourite moments from their Instagram accounts. 

David Warner: @davidwarner31
Let's start it off with Aussie player David Warner, who has become quite the 'grammer' of late on his Instagram account. He snapped this hilarious photo of teammate Usman Khawaja, who is known for his sometimes 'out-there' fashion choices. We must say we're loving the throwback to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle days, a 90's tribute. 

Yes that's @usman_khawajy wearing his favourite shirt. He is like me he loves his turtles.

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Here's another piece of Instagram gold from the David Warner give your teammate hell files. He's saved a snap of fellow teammate Mitch Marsh, who seems to be testing the waters with a new mo-hawk. Not sure if we're really that into it... thoughts? 

Boy sure is looking sharp. @mitchmarsh235 #onpoint #learning

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And check out this gorgeous snap of Warner's gorgeous baby girl Ivy Mae who is packing her bags and heading over to New Zealand to join her Dad during the Test. 

See you soon daddy. Can't wait for this little one to arrive. @candywarner1 gets a few days off hehe

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Usman Khawaja: @usman_khawajy
He's a man of many talents and being a jokester on social media is one of them. Aussie batsman Osman Khawaja wins the internet once again with this hilarious picture of his mug on a Caramelloooo Khawaaaaja. Looks like he has some spare time in New Zealand if he's managed to pull off this one.

Haha. 'They call me Caramellooo, Khaawaaja'. My mates use to say this to me in school. #meme #smoothflowingcaramel

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He can give, as good he gets! Yep David Warner has been the protagonist of late with tongue in cheek photos of Usman, and now the tables have turned with this photo posted on Usman's Instagram account. Warner kind of reminds us of the kid from Jerry Maguire in this photo... no?

Sophisticated Bull. #wellington #newzealand #foureyes

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And just when you were worried whether or not the Aussie team were having issues with steam in their bathrooms from the shower. It looks like they're not... 

'What sorcery is this'...? Need one of these at home! #antifogmirror #smallthings #blowingmymind #wellington

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Glenn Maxwell: @gmaxi_32
If you're wondering if blondes have more fun, just ask Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell. He took the opportunity to try out some blonde hair extensions, and given the situation, it's a  strong chance they may belong to his Ten Eyewitness New girlfriend Candice Wyatt. We're not sure what to make of this photo but if you are #votemaxi or #votecandice. 

Who wore it better? The decision is in your hands people! #votecandice #votemaxi @candice_wyatt_10

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Alyssa Healy: @a_healy
Ain't love grand? Alyssa Healy who goes out with fellow Aussie cricketer Mitch Starc, put together a pretty neat photo collage for his Birthday. Although we were disappointed about the fact there wasn't a few more throwbacks to Mitch's younger days, it's nice to see the couple are still going strong. 

James Faulkner: @jfaulkner44
James Faulkner has been struggling with some injury woes of late, but it looks like he's on the road to recovery judging by this view. He's currently recuperating with his partner Bri at a scenic location and it looks like he also surprise his lady love for Valentines Day. 

Looks like James has inherited the romantic gene.... 

Elyse Villani: @elysevillani
She loves coffee so much that she recently completed a barista course! Southern Stars player Ellyse Villani and her partner Nicole Bolton are out feeding their coffee addiction, pictured at Cup and Co in Perth.  

Mitch Marsh: @mitchmarsh235
There's never a dull moment when it comes to these two cricketer brothers! Mitch Marsh shows that he's nailed the new Snapchat filters, snapping a photo of his 'new look' with brother Shaun looking on. We'd love to take a look at some of the boys family photos from way back, no doubt there's be plenty of gold. 

I honestly can't believe people think @shaunmarsh9 is better looking than me.

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Peter Siddle: @petersiddle403
Australian cricketer Peter Siddle is currently trying to shake off some back spasms to resume his role with the Aussie Team, and it looks like he has his support team helping him to get back on track. Snapping a photo of his adopted canine family as well as girlfriend Anna Weatherlake who are his biggest fans. 

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