Keeping your cool this summer

By Michelle Cort 

Hot, summer weather is something cricket players are used to training and playing in. However even the experienced players need to use strategies that will help them combat the heat and make sure their performance doesn’t suffer. One of the most important strategies is their hydration. 


Maintaining hydration during a match is crucial to maintain concentration and focus. This is also the case for non-cricket players whether working in an office, studying or playing other sport.  The key to maintaining hydration is drinking small amounts of fluid regularly. Try leaving a drink bottle on your desk or in your car as a reminder.

Cool fluids are best if we are outside in the heat. A fluid at ‘fridge temperature’ will create an increased desire to drink compared to one at room temperature. The cold drink will also help to keep your core body temperature from rising too high- which is important for both health and performance when exercising outdoors in summer.

Good choices at your desk or at home include cold water (with a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon if desired) and if you are exercising heavily a sports drink like Gatorade may also be useful.

About Michelle
Michelle Cort is an Advanced Sports Dietitian who currently works as the Sports Nutrition Manager for Cricket Australia, and is the Sports Performance Dietitian for the Australian Sailing Team. Michelle has worked with several AFL, NRL and Super Rugby Teams over the past 15 years and alongside the Real Madrid Football Team. She’s also spent time in Canberra as part of the AIS Department of Sports Nutrition.