Guest Blogger: Rachel Corbett talks Cricket 101

Over the next few days The Delivery will be bringing you the inside word for the Commonwealth Bank Pink Test from someone who has never experienced it before. Australian entertainer Rachel Corbett is a self confessed cricket amateur and will be on the ground bringing you all of the highlights from the Pink Test event. 

By Rachel Corbett 

When on assignment it’s important to be well researched.

So in the lead up to the Commonwealth Bank Sydney Pink Test I decided to brush up on my cricket 101 with a trip to the fountain of all knowledge – ‘Cricket For Dummies.’

Their cheat sheet opens with the statement: “Cricket is basically a simple sport,” followed by this diagram…

Someone needs to tell the ‘For Dummies’ people, if their audience is as their title suggests, a simple sport for us ‘dummies’ looks more like this…

Where cricket fans see a well protected boundary in the first diagram, I see the world’s most confusing game of join the dots.  You may think that’s silly but a quick glance at the field shows being silly isn’t a problem in the world of cricket.

Granted, the players  may have been given their title (I’m assuming) because of their brave decision to place their privates less than a stones throw from a ball that’s moving at the speed of a car, while my title is the result of underestimating the spatial complexities of a game that’s been perfected since the 18th century.  But either way I take refuge in the fact that cricket is an institution that doesn’t just celebrate the silly, it pops them on the field.

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