10 Friends GIFs that perfectly sum up crowd moments at the cricket

When it comes to cricket crowds, you can do some of the best people watching at the Commonwealth bank Boxing Day test. Thousands, upon thousands of people fill the MCG, the atmosphere is electric. If it's your first time heading to the Test, here is a quick introduction of some of the crowd responses you can expect, perfectly summed up by Friends GIFS. (Yes as in the TV show Friends).

1.  When the Aussie team scores a phenomenal amount of runs and you're trying to show you're 'truly sorry' to the opposition... we don't think they're buying it!  

2. When someone SHARES a cricket ‘in joke’ and you actually have no idea what they’re talking about…

3. When you attempt to drown out the ‘friendly' cricket banter... also known as sledging. 

4. When you’re trying to give a blow by blow account of the catch of the day... 

5. When your flying SOLO at the cricket and you try to make friends with the random people sitting next to you. 

6. When you eat your food so fast because the game is just that exciting!

7. When you're trying your best to subtly dance to the tea break music. 

8. When it's 'STUMPS' (end of the day) and you spot your mate through the crowds of people at the bar. 

9. When the wicketkeeper takes a diving catch down the leg side and you subtly try to celebrate. 

10. When a fielder throws down the stumps to run the batsman out. All the happy feelings.