Ultimate summer playlist

This is a public service announcement. Summer is finally here... so it is with extreme happiness we now give you permission to spend bulk days by the beach, cooling down  with countless ice creams and listening to your favourite tunes.. that’s of course when you’re not watching the BBL or playing beach/bakcyard cricket. So to get your summer playlist started we asked Nova announcer and BBL Adelaide Strikers MC Jarrod Walsh to pop together a list of the best summer jams. No doubt you’ll hear these songs getting the crowd fired up on BBL game day.

The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be
“When I think Summer, I think one of my favourite bands of all time - The Kooks! Off their album 'Konk', this song really gets me in the mood for a great day out in the sun with friends, family and maybe a few refreshments!”

Mumford & Sons - Whispers In The Dark (LIVE)
“This is the best LIVE album I have ever heard. Oh Marcus Mumford, I have the biggest man crush on you and this song gets me caught singing out loud in the car every time. If you haven't heard the album 'The Road To Red Rocks', then listen to it. NOW.”

Vampire Weekend - Holiday
“The title says it all. Sum, Cricket, No work and mates. Vampire Weekend is the ultimate festival band. This song is a definite on my playlist and is constantly on repeat! Off their album Contra.’

Jason Mraz - All Night Long
“My wife will kill me if I don't put Jason Mraz on this playlist. His album 'Live On Earth' is spectacular. And at the end of his set he does a cover of Lionel Richie's 'All Night Long', and it's perfect.”

Drapht - Jimmy Recard
“I will always remember a player walking out to this song in the first ever BBL. It's from Perth rapper Drapht off his album 'Brothers Grimm'. It's got attitude and perfect for someone walking out to the crease to smash a few 6's.”

Newton Falkner - If This Is It
“In the innings break when you're spending time with your loved ones, chuck on Newton Faulkner's album 'Rebuilt By Humans. This man's voice gets me every time! He hasn't written a bad song.”

TYGA - Rack City
“I know what you're thinking...'Lots of indie and summer songs and then TYGA?'....Well this song reminds me of my best mates. And my best mates mean the world to me. And I spend a lot of time with them in Summer. So this is on the list.”

Panic! At The Disco - Behind The Sea
“If you haven't heard this album, you need to listen right now! This is such a different album from Panic at the Disco and 'Pretty Odd' is pretty much them paying homage to The Beatles, This song 'Behind The Sea' is beautiful and has summer written all over it.”

Paolo Nutini - 10/10
“This Spanish sounding British guy has it all. And his album 'Sunny Side Up' is one you can chuck on while sinking a few Corona's in the backyard while watching the BBL on TV if you can't make it to the game.”

Afrojack - The Spark
“Summer means Festivals, BBL means party time  and this song from Afrojack ticks all the boxes. It's fun, it's upbeat and it definitely gets on my Summer playlist!”

 Jarrod Walsh is the Adelaide Strikers gam day announcer and resident DJ at Nova. Photo: Sourced. 

Jarrod Walsh is the Adelaide Strikers gam day announcer and resident DJ at Nova. Photo: Sourced. 

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