On tour in Hobart

With our Australian team currently on tour in Tasmania for the Commonwealth Bank Test Series, we decided to round up the best places to check out when you're not hanging out at the cricket. 

 Image Source: Getty Images

Image Source: Getty Images

by Taryn Elder 

Hobart is one of those cities where as soon as you step off the plane you instantly feel at home. It’s the perfect mix of country charm and metropolitan feels, with cafes, galleries, a myriad of shops and the iconic Hobart Harbour. If you’re heading to the cricket expect to be wowed by the stunning mountainous backdrop.. yep that would be Mount Wellington, mixed in with a sensational view of the ocean. So when you’re not supporting our Aussie team at the cricket and enjoying the view from the Bellerive Oval, here is the top five things to do in Hobart.

Mount Wellington
Let’s start with Mount Wellington, one of Hobart’s most iconic tourist attractions. It's hard to ignore this beautiful natural wonder that sits at 1270 metres in height and acts as the backdrop to Hobart. There are many who enjoy a leisurely hike up this mountain. However, if you’re short on time why not try riding a bike down Mt Wellington with regular tours departing daily.

MONA Museum
You don’t have to be art obsessed to enjoy a tour of the MONA museum. This is one of Hobart’s largest attractions, the $75-million museum has been described by philanthropist owner David Walsh as ‘a subversive adult Disneyland’.... okay then. Check out ancient antiquities as well as contemporary works which are sure to inspire the inner artist.

Eating your way through Hobart
Hobart is definitely not short of awesome cafes and restaurants. From seafood, to gourmet hipster eats, as well as good old fashioned dining. There is honestly something for everyone.. sorry to sound cliche but it’s true. Some of the top picks include Salamanca Wharf Restaurant, where you can eat your bodyweight in brunch delights, including an epic bacon and eggs with the lot. The portion sizes are to my liking (huge). For those who are fans of fine dining, Monty's on Montpelier is your go to.. yummm! For vegetarians the Soup Stop gets the thumbs up and don’t forget about the many breweries and even some great wineries spread throughout the region. I just put on 10 kilos writing this article.

I love cold water.. bring on the beach!
Yes it’s a little chilly in the waters around Hobart but there are some breathtakingly beautiful beaches just waiting for your fresh tracks in the pristine sand. Opossum Bay is one of those places the locals would rather you not know about.. because once you go there you’ll never want to leave. This The quaint village faces back towards Hobart across the River Derwent.  If you’re into calm water and a serene view this is your jam.

Give me history and the seaside
Battery Point is your go to place for seaside views and an overload of history. It’s an old maritime village which is scattered with lanes and 19th-century cottages. This is where you actually feel like you’ve gone back in time and every Instagram picture that you take whilst there will pretty much be sensational. A cool place to spend a few hours and breathe in the seaside air.